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Asset Management Tools

Framework Toolkit

Here at SML, we understand that implementing an asset management (AM) system is challenging and time consuming. For that reason, we’ve developed a range of asset management tools to help to deliver the elements of our AM framework and speed up the process.


We believe asset data is the key to achieving the optimal value for each physical asset. Our tools collect, analyse and discover hidden insights in mass datasets so you can predict emerging trends, minimise risks and make more profitable business decisions. By bringing together all the digital information about each asset, you will have a clear advantage when improving operational performance, identifying new opportunities and cutting costs.

Read more about each of our asset management tools via the links to the pages below and please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions you may have.

ISO55001 Building Blocks

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40.Asset Delivery.png

Asset Delivery Toolkit – We have developed three tools to aid in the analysis of failure modes for your assets, to create informed maintenance plans to minimise those risks and to plan required resource levels for this maintenance. Click the links below to read about our:

41.Maintenance Review.png

Maintenance Review Toolkit – Our tools automatically gather equipment performance data from multiple sources that can be analysed in one place. Metrics include MTBR and MTTR, digital twin interfaces and maintenance activity analytics. Click the links below to read about our:

42.System Audit.png

System Audit Toolkit – This tool allows for a 'desktop' audit of the data driving your EAM / CMMS to resolve issues with duplicated, missing or misaligned information that has the potential to cause maintenance and even regulatory issues. Click the links below to read about our:

43.Change and Strategy.png

Change and Strategy Toolkit – This consists of two analytical models for the aviation industry that explore your airport's passenger and baggage demands. They give you a more complete picture of your current and future circumstances in order to aid strategy development. Click the links below to read about our:

44.Project Delivery.png

Project Delivery Toolkit – This project and portfolio management tool can be used in any organisation or industry to give you better oversight of project planning and resourcing. Click the links below to read about our:

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