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Asset Management and Maintenance Planning Consultants 

Asset Management System Support

A well implemented asset management system that aligns your business and asset management objectives is key to ensuring you meet your business goals. However, that can be difficult to achieve. To help our clients successfully implement and utilise a sustainable asset management system, we have created a framework of building blocks based on the ISO 55001 process.

Using this framework, our asset management consultants help you identify and bridge the gap between your current state and best practice, providing clarity on your asset management responsibilities, stakeholder needs and legal requirements.

Once asset lifecycles are being managed more effectively, there will be a higher return on those assets and a transparent, long-term view of maintenance costs. In turn, that will allow you to develop viable and predictable cashflows. This is a proven and highly effective way to cut operating costs.

To simplify the implementation of this framework, we have developed tools that aid in delivering certain elements quickly and effectively – see our Tools section, or for support with your asset management system, please contact our team.

Asset Management Framework Overview

ISO55001 Building Blocks


Asset Lifecycle Support

Effective asset management can improve performance, reduce risks and extend asset lives while cutting total asset life cost. With the continuously expanding depth and availability of equipment data, never has the adoption of asset management and maintenance planning strategies been more available, or more daunting, to novices and veterans alike.


Our asset management consultants understand that each of our clients has different starting points and face distinct challenges ahead. That’s why we work with you to develop effective solutions at every stage of an asset’s lifecycle, rather than just selling products.

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This is how our asset management consultants support you in the management of your assets through their entire lifecycle:

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Analyse requirements

We identify areas where improvements can be made and ensure they align with the current and future business needs.

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Tender developments

We identify, advise and develop on the requirements, monitor the process, review proposals and recommend suppliers.

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Handover management

Operational Readiness

We carry out design reviews, perform functionality testing and acceptance, ensure your requirements are met, check documentation and delivery and ensure training reaches the required standard.

We assess if the operational environment, operating plans, operating practices and staff are prepared to effectively support and accept the changes resulting from the project implementation.




We ensure all O&M plans and processes are in place to support the operation. That includes the development of manning and support requirements, spares requirements, contingency planning, safety impact assessment, asset reliability assessment (FMECA/RCM), and the development and monitoring of EAM/CMMS solutions.

20.Condition Management.png

Condition management

We offer asset condition auditing, performance monitoring, asset maintenance plan enhancement, development of predictive analytics and identification of component obsolescence.

21.End of life planning.png

End of life planning 

We analyse residual spares and develop stock down requirements and asset replacement plans and determine your future requirements.




Our asset management consultants develop disposal requirements and monitor the disposal process.

Asset Management Maturity Assessment

Using the IAM asset management maturity assessment tool, we assess your organisation’s maturity level in line with ISO 55000. This tool can be applied to any asset types or organisational structure. This assessment will help your organisation to scale its capabilities and maturity level in line with best practice and better understand your strengths and weaknesses. That will provide you with a solid understanding of the areas for improvement.


By conducting this gap analysis, our asset management consultants will gain an understanding of:

  • How effectively your operation’s current activities are structured and managed

  • How they link with the stakeholders and customers

  • How technology is used to support the delivery of the operation

  • Which capability and process requirements to prioritise

The output of this analysis will be baselined so that any future progress can be measures against it.

Asset Management Maturity Assessment Radar Chart (ISO55001) Example

To understand the principles guiding our consultancy work which ensure we always deliver customer satisfaction, please see our "Why Us" page.

Check out our Case Studies for examples of our work or get in touch to find out how our maintenance planning consultants can help your organisation.

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