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Asset Management Courses


Developing and Implementing ISO 55000 in Your Organisation

Following ISO 55000, the asset management standard, allows a business to holistically measure and manage assets to bring maximum value. This course looks at the entire process of setting up and managing ISO 55000 accreditation.



Managing Handover of Assets from CAPEX to OPEX

The transition phase between the delivery of an asset and its efficient operation is one that needs careful management due to the huge swing of risk and accountability. This course looks at all the elements that need to be managed and monitored during that crucial time. 



Developing and Implementing a Comprehensive Maintenance Plan

The engineering, financial and administrative aspects of asset maintenance all need to be fully understood before an effective maintenance plan can be put in place. This asset management course focuses on developing and enhancing your maintenance plans in line with your business criticality.



Strategic Maintenance Development

Development and implementation of effective maintenance hinges on the understanding of the 3 Ps: People, Process and Plant. This course interlinks the development of an effective maintenance culture in your organisation, the understanding of strategic maintenance scheduling and the theory behind maximising asset reliability through maintenance.


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