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Change and Strategy
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Change and Strategy Toolkit:

Passenger and Baggage Demand Modelling

Within the aviation industry, passenger demand and baggage requirements drive how an airport functions. In order to develop a future strategy for your business, you need to assess your current situation, passenger needs and production capabilities along with any predicted future changes. A vital part of any airport’s business model must be identifying where you are running at near capacity and where changes can be made to make your processes more efficient.

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Our passenger modelling change management tool takes existing data and identifies particular times of the day, days and destinations that have room for growth.


You can then target that growth, for example, with ads for those destinations, or consolidate by identifying flights that could be combined to produce one full flight rather than two that are at half capacity.


This data can also be used to model the flow through your airport of particular passenger types (business vs. holidaymaker). The effectiveness of your CSA and advertising can then be reviewed.


Any Questions?

Please get in touch to learn more about how our change management tools for the aviation industry can help your airport boost CSA efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

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