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Asset Delivery
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Asset Delivery Toolkit:

Strategic Maintenance Development (SMD) System

The Strategic Maintenance Development (SMD) system simplifies the development of maintenance strategies and the implementation of comprehensive maintenance plans that focus on your business risk. It allows you to refine these strategies and plans in a controlled manner based on feedback from the results of current maintenance activities, operational errors and changes to your business environment.


It has been developed around drag and drop and mouse click functionality, drastically reducing the time required to develop a comprehensive plan. The system also provides all the information in standardised reports that are ready to be uploaded to your computer maintenance management system (CMMS), such as Maximo or Infor.

The system’s functionality allows you to develop detailed checklists for both simple and complex maintenance activities. The frequency and depth of these activities are based on the criticality of the equipment, with the criticality assessment process built into the system.

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All of these activities can be arranged into maintenance routes. The system will then combine the individual equipment checklists into a comprehensive set of checklists for each route. At the same time, the system automatically calculates the annual planned maintenance workload per skill to help you identify the staffing levels required.


The system also provides a pre-scheduling agent, which allows you to schedule the work at the click of a button. For simple routes, the system displays a tick in each week the route is to be performed, while for more complex routes, it will automatically calculate which checklists are required for a particular occurrence and place a tick in the appropriate box.


We know that due to production requirements, some intrusive activities cannot be carried out during high demand periods. By selecting a week when high demand is expected, all of these activities will be rescheduled.


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