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Asset Management and Maintenance Planning Consultants 

Our Approach

As enterprise asset management (EAM) consultants, it is our responsibility to explore the context of your problem and identify your underlying needs. We work in partnership with you to make better use of your existing systems, structure and available data so you can realise value without a costly investment in new solutions.


We can assist you in any part of your asset management journey and help you learn strategies to cope with future challenges. We ensure there is a golden thread within all of the support we provide, so it’s always aligned with your business goals. Most importantly, on handover, we can help your organisation develop the right skills to manage your assets sustainably in-house, with a mechanism in place for continuous improvement to generate lasting value.

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Change Management

SML understands the importance of managing change effectively. Without a shift in organisational culture, many businesses revert to old habits, which inevitably leads to failed projects.


We have found that in order to transform the culture of an organisation, you need to demand a change in practice. Only once that change in practice has been applied for longer than 2 years does it become the prevailing culture.


We have developed a unique approach to change management through a mixture of training and simplifying processes and tools. They help to maximise overall buy-in and create a commitment to new ways of working.

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Our People

We have our own team of dedicated EAM consultants. Where we lack a specific skill set, we have a pool of associate consultants we can call on to meet every clients’ needs.


Having worked in diverse industries and environments and having performed multiple roles, we have found that applying sound asset management principles in any industry produces similar results. Where there is already a sound practice of managing assets, it becomes much easier to implement best practice asset management principles.


Case Studies / White Papers

Please take a look at our case studies to view how we have supported our clients in their Asset Management Journey.

Or see our white papers to read our perspectives on Asset Management and Maintenance Planning.

Our extras 

As well as providing an end-to-end service, we also help to develop the individuals in your team to ensure long-term, in-house sustainability. In addition, all of the tools we have applied or developed to deliver solutions in your organisation during the project are provided at no extra cost.


If you are interested in working with us, please schedule an appointment to see how we can help. For a limited time, we are also offering a ‘risk free’ preliminary asset management health check. Get in touch to book yours now.

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