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Enterprise Asset Management White Papers

Discover new insights, perspectives and solutions in Asset Management and Maintenance Planning

Fourth Generation Maintenance: The Art of Maintaining Assets

This white paper describes the history of maintenance approaches adopted over three generations since the 1940s, and provides guidance on how to transition to a fourth generation of maintenance practices

Developing and Delivering a Maintenance Plan: The Basics

This white paper provides an overview of the basic principles required to develop and deliver robust maintenance plans

From CAPEX to OPEX: The Handover Management Paradigm

This white paper provides guidance on the transition phase between projects and live operation

Reliability, Resilience and Damage in Engineering

This white paper explores the areas where significant levels of damage in engineering can be controlled in order to improve system reliability

Considerations for Implementing an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system

This white paper provides an overview of what organisations should consider when implementing an asset management system

White Papers
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