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Asset Management Training Provider 

Our experience 

The content of our courses has been put together by our consultancy team and draws on over 50 years of experience in maintenance and engineering management. We have been delivering training courses to numerous sectors and across the globe throughout the last decade and continuously look to improve our own knowledge and thus the training we provide.

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Our goal 

Many courses from other asset management training providers are little more than PowerPoint presentations that are read at the audience. This will only get worse as more training is delivered via video calls and pre-recorded videos.


We set up our entire training plans with the goal to be more engaging, more interactive, and more useful to our audience not only during the session but, crucially, also when they return to work to implement what they have learnt.

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Our People

Our training coordinator has qualifications and experience in both education and engineering.


The structure of our courses is led by pedagogical (the method of teaching) and andragogical (the method of teaching adult learners) research, to engage the attendees during the training and make the content more memorable and easier to implement.


Our setup 

All of our courses include automatic follow-up reminders and tasks which are scheduled according to the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve and are adapted according to your responses. We split our online training courses up into sessions and recommend an hour per week.

 That makes them easier to fit into a busy schedule and fits with research that suggests spaced learning with some repetition at the start of each session is the most effective way to learn. It also allows for Q&A between sessions via email.

Our extras 

Our extras – As well as giving you access to the course content for three months, we also provide free tools, tips and resources throughout each course to boost your learning. That ranges from the free use of demo versions of our suite of tools, hands-on tips and best practice advice to documentation templates and additional reading. 

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