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Maintenance Review
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Maintenance Review Toolkit:

Maintenance Intelligence Review (MIR) System

Maintenance Intelligence Review (MIR) is a system that simplifies the analysis of data gathered from multiple sources, all of which impact on the plant’s operational performance.


We harvest data from SCADA systems, local control nodes and feedback from the maintenance activities on the EAM system or CMMS. All of this information is cleansed in our SQL server and presented on easy-to-read digital dashboards. 

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  • Worst performing assets (number of errors and downtime durations) 

  • A comparison of the overall system (or system segments) – product flow vs. system design flow capacity 

  • The ratio of errors on equipment by product flow 

  • The mean time between failures (MTBF) and the mean time to repair (MTTR) on individual pieces of equipment

  • The best opportunities for maintenance based on demand (if the system is running 24/7)

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Our system provides all of this information in a graphic that’s easy to read and interpret. You can also to export the data into any other system for further analysis if required and apply filters to the data, which is automatically updated whenever a new set of data is added to the system.

Most importantly, we can set this up with no downtime and no interference with the operation of your system. Our focus is to allow you to spend more time analysing data, rather than converting log files or reports from the CMMS into a format that can be analysed. 


Any Questions?

Please get in touch to learn more about how our maintenance intelligence review tools provide unrivalled insights into your maintenance strategy.

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