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Asset Delivery Toolkit:

Maintenance Resource Planning

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Ensuring that you have the correct resource level for your maintenance team is essential in any asset management environment. This is usually a fine balance between your maintenance demand and your available maintenance skillsets. Our asset delivery tool helps you to define your maintenance demand and the resulting skill and resource level for both new projects and existing plant.


This calculation is a complex task for entire projects and is often overlooked when new production lines are added or redundant machines are removed from operation. The tool allows you to analyse any intended changes within your asset base and calculates the changes to resource and cost levels.

The ‘back-end’ of our tool is powered by two datasheets. The first sheet details maintenance, cleaning and statutory inspection hours, and the second displays your costs for these various job roles. The sheets combine in a ‘front-end’ that provides a breakdown of the operational resources required for each phase of a project and for each job role. It also accounts for spares costings, third party support costs, shift patterns and profit margins.


Any Questions?

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