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Asset Delivery Toolkit:

Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) Tool 

When running a complex maintenance operation, it is the common approach to identify potential causes of component failures. Once understood, it is best practice to design these out. However, it’s not always possible to do so.  


Our FMECA tool can be applied to new or existing plants that incorporate the FMECA method for the identification, prioritisation and elimination of potential failures. This tool is in the form of a 'living' document, which is reviewed and maintained throughout the lifecycle of the assets. It focuses on qualitative and quantitative risk identification for preventing failure. 


Failure mode, effects and criticality analysis creates a series of linkages between potential failures (failure modes), the impact on the system (effects) and the causes of the failure (causes and mechanisms). This is carried out as a bottom-up analysis starting with component failures. They are then combined to provide an overview of overall equipment failures. 

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Our FMECA asset delivery tool allows you to:
  • Recognise failure modes in advance (when they are less costly to address) 

  • Create more effective control plans 

  • Achieve higher safety margins  

  • Optimise preventive and predictive maintenance 

  • Minimise warranty costs 

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SML provides a customised approach to suit every client's needs and offers training in strategy development if required. To achieve success, we work closely with your subject matter experts. The FMECA is part of the reliability centred maintenance approach (RCM), which informs maintenance planning with minimal operational risk.


Any Questions?

Please get in touch to learn more about how our asset delivery tools can maximise the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your assets.  

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