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System Audit
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System Audit Toolkit:

EAM / CMMS Audit Tool

At the start of the asset delivery journey, the key information and attributes of every asset must be recorded precisely within the organisation's enterprise asset management (EAM) system or computerised maintenance management system (CMMS). The overarching benefit is that it maximises the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of all assets up until they need to be replaced or decommissioned. 


With accurate and up to date information, it is much easier for correct work orders to be issued with clear oversight of inventory availability and demand. We have found that there are regularly duplicated assets or assets with no key information within our clients’ systems. That causes major issues when it becomes unclear which assets are maintainable and which maintenance routes are the most efficient. In this instance, the best-case scenario would be a waste of time and money, while the worst-case scenario would be prosecution for no regulatory and legislative compliance.

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To protect our clients, we have developed an EAM / CMMS system audit tool. This tool builds in our clients’ asset boundaries and naming conventions, gathers all asset information from the EAM / CMMS system and carries out a cross-examination before providing a list of 'problem assets’ that need to be reviewed and possibly surveyed. 


Monthly reports can be provided to review all the assets added to or changed within the EAM / CMMS system during the last month. That ensures all asset managers and integrators are compliant, with any errors made by the system user easily identified.


Any Questions?

Please get in touch to learn more about how our asset management system audit tool can help you identify your problem assets that require attention.

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