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Maintenance Review Toolkit:

Bespoke BI Dashboards

It is often the case that our clients need dashboards and analytics created with a specific focus on preventive and predictive maintenance.


We design editable system layouts in MS Visio to allow each asset to be assigned individual properties. These properties can then be mapped against our cleansed data from our SQL server and FMECA database to provide the building blocks for a digital twin.

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MS Power BI provides the interactive interface for the digital twin. That allows the user to single out any asset with a click, which in turn displays all associated asset information. With the combined use of these various data sources, we can provide heat mapping functionality based on the frequency of faults, system use and poor performance. 


All data can also be downloaded straight from the Power BI interface. That includes asset information which will assist with regulatory compliance. 


Any Questions?

Please get in touch to learn more about how our maintenance intelligence review tools provide unrivalled insights into your maintenance strategy.

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