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Change and Strategy Toolkit:

Airport Central Search Area (CSA) Queue Analysis

A vital requirement within the aviation industry is to understand passenger flow and be able to pre-empt the peaks and troughs in footfall. Perhaps the most important aspect of a customer’s airport experience are the queue times and the ease with which bags can be checked in and food and refreshments can be bought.


If you get any element of your CSA wrong, your passengers’ flow can be transformed from a hassle-free couple of minutes into an anxiety-raising half-hour. For example, a slight misjudgement in the airport security process, whether it’s X-ray machine throughput rates, the number of lanes or body scanners that are open or the bag search operators required, could create a bottleneck that gives thousands of passengers a poor experience of your airport.

55.Queue Analysis3.png
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We have developed a change management tool that allows all of these variables and more to be adjusted and honed and then modelled with various passenger profiles (peak vs. median, business vs. holiday maker, Monday vs. Wednesday etc.). The result is a CSA that is perfectly aligned with customer satisfaction.


Any Questions?

Please get in touch to learn more about how our change management tools for the aviation industry can help your airport boost CSA efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

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