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ISO 55000 Training: Developing and Implementing ISO 55000 in Your Organisation 

Is it right for me?

Implementing ISO 55000 principles in your organisation is best achieved through a top-down approach that involves all relevant levels within the organisation. This training is aimed at:  ​

  • Middle to senior management

  • Those responsible for overall asset management within your organisation

  • Those capable of leading the alignment of business-wide practices with international standards 

What will I learn?
  • The basics of asset management, the history of ISO 55000 standards and what they can do for your organisation

  • What good asset management practice and ISO 55000 compliance will look like across your organisation

  • What the ISO 55000 certification process involves

How will I benefit?
  • Organisation towards ISO 55000 principles and possibly certification

  • Receive three months of access to modulated course content and assignments, including Q&A sessions with industry experts PLUS a copy of the watermarked slides

  • Complete follow-up tasks to aid retention

Course Delivery

Our ISO training course can be delivered live over two days via interactive virtual classes or directly in a traditional classroom setup on your site. Alternatively, the course is available via a series of webinars that can be accessed via our website which integrate assignments and Q&A opportunities throughout.


Both options also enable follow-up reminders and tasks designed and scheduled in order to enable optimal retention and engagement. See here for detail on our research backed guide to training.

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Booking and Contact Details
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Course Content
  • What is ISO 55000? 

    • What is asset management?

    • An overview of the standard and its history

    • Benefits - what can it do for your organisation?

  • Organisation

    • Understanding the organisation and its context

    • Stakeholder needs and expectations

    • Scope of the Asset Management System

  • Leadership

    • Leadership and commitment

    • Policy

    • Roles, responsibilities and authorities

  • Planning

    • Objectives and planning

    • Addressing risk and opportunities

  • Support

    • Resources

    • Competence

    • Awareness

    • Communication

    • Information requirements

    • Documented information

  • Operation

    • Operation planning and control

    • Management of change

    • Outsourcing

  • Performance Evaluation

    • Monitoring, measurement, analysis, and evaluation

    • Internal audit

    • Management review

  • Improvement

    • Nonconformity and corrective action

    • Preventive action

    • Continual improvement

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