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Critical Spares Management Training and Materials Cataloguing Optimisation

Is it right for me?

This intensive course focuses on the entire process of spares management in your environment, covering the internal and external elements that impact your ability to effectively manage critical spares. The course is aimed at: 

  • Middle to senior management

  • Those wanting to understand all the aspects that impact on spares management so they can review the risk level their organisation carries

What will I learn?
  • Examine best practice in classifying, cataloguing and managing your spares

  • Understand and practice how to use models to analyse stock levels, finance policies and maintenance strategy

  • Develop effective monitoring and auditing processes

  • Understand how to efficiently set up your spares environment and support processes

How will I benefit?
  • Confidence to undertake a holistic review of spares management at your organisation

  • Ability to use a range of policies and calculations

  • Get three months of access to modulated course content and assignments, including Q&A sessions with industry experts PLUS a copy of the watermarked slides

  • Receive follow-up tasks to aid retention

Course Delivery

Our warehouse operations and spares inventory optimisation training can be delivered live over two days via [insert video call site] or directly at your site. Alternatively, the course is available via [x] hour-long webinars that can be accessed via our website for [x] months, with regular assignments provided throughout and Q&A sessions, just as if the course was being delivered live. Both options include follow-up reminders and tasks designed and scheduled to enable optimal retention and engagement. Find out more in our research-backed guide to training.

Course Delivery

Our critical spares management training and materials cataloguing optimisation course can be delivered live over three days via interactive virtual classes or directly in a traditional classroom setup on your site. Alternatively, the course is available via a series of webinars that can be accessed via our website which integrate assignments and Q&A opportunities throughout.


Both options also enable follow-up reminders and tasks designed and scheduled in order to enable optimal retention and engagement. See here for detail on our research backed guide to training.

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  • Spares Environment – understanding the location, layout and security of storerooms as well as special case requirements

  • Spares Classification – reviewing how spares are classified and the impact that has on how they are managed

  • Finance Policies – LIFO, FIFO and average price stock policies as well as how spares are financed

  • Spares Coding – cataloguing standards and how to set up a local coding standard

  • Maintenance Strategy – providing a brief description of how maintenance strategy impacts on the spares holding strategy

  • Spares Assessment – reviewing the requirements for the development of the spares assessment process, including the bill of materials, recommended parts and two methods of assessing what spares need to be kept

  • Identified Spares – reviewing methods of managing the spares data

  • Support Processes – covering the data management activities and other supporting processes such as barcoding and RFID tagging

  • Stock Levels – reviewing spares ABC analysis, economic order quantity calculations, minimum stock level calculations and forecasting requirements

  • Spares Management Processes – brief overview of the various stock management processes from spares requesting through to supplier management and lead time management

  • Spares Review – reviewing the monitoring and auditing processes required to ensure spares availability

Course Content
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