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Reducing MRO Inventories Training

Is it right for me?

This course focuses on how implementing policies and following processes designed to effectively assess inventory levels can save your business money and reduce your risk. It is aimed at:

  • Middle to senior management

  • Those responsible for determining inventory purchasing strategy and levels

What will I learn?
  • Analyse what to stock by understanding maintenance strategy principles and evaluating the cost of storage against the risk of expensive failure

  • Examine how and when to stock through the use of just-in-time (JIT) principles and calculations

  • Understand spares fundamentals including storeroom optimisation and data review 

How will I benefit?
  • Confidence to introduce purchasing policies in your organisation that will reduce cost without increasing business risk

  • Get three months of access to modulated course content and assignments, including Q&A sessions with industry experts PLUS a copy of the watermarked slides

  • Receive follow-up tasks to aid retention

Course Delivery

Our warehouse operations and spares inventory optimisation training can be delivered live over two days via [insert video call site] or directly at your site. Alternatively, the course is available via [x] hour-long webinars that can be accessed via our website for [x] months, with regular assignments provided throughout and Q&A sessions, just as if the course was being delivered live. Both options include follow-up reminders and tasks designed and scheduled to enable optimal retention and engagement. Find out more in our research-backed guide to training.

Course Delivery

Our reducing MRO inventories training course can be delivered live over three days via interactive virtual classes or directly in a traditional classroom setup on your site. Alternatively, the course is available via a series of webinars that can be accessed via our website which integrate assignments and Q&A opportunities throughout.


Both options also enable follow-up reminders and tasks designed and scheduled in order to enable optimal retention and engagement. See here for detail on our research backed guide to training.

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  • Purchasing

    • Understanding your costs - MRO cost analysis – the cost of storage vs. risk of expensive failures

    • WHAT - criticality of equipment - what inventory you need to keep to aligning MRO inventory with a maintenance strategy

    • WHEN - principles of just-in-time (JIT)

      • how using statistical analysis can save storage costs

      • Understanding the calculations behind JIT

    • HOW MANY - Calculating the number of items you should order

    • WHO - finding the right distributor for your needs

  • Management

    • Clearing up your current data - naming standardisation, removing duplicates and the review process

    • Store basics: optimising location and layout of storerooms to minimise costs 

  • Understanding spares management in the context of the MRO cycle

  • Reviewing spares categorisation and its importance in the critical spares management cycle

  • Spares maintenance: regular maintenance of spare parts to reduce wastage and cost expenditure

  • Controlling your supplier’s activities by effective vendor management

Course Content
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