At Strategic Maintenance Ltd we believe in developing solutions to deliver the lowest life cycle cost through a robust asset management plan and a clear focus on developing and delivering best practice.  We work with our customers to deliver this during all phases of the life of their equipment, from the development phase of a new site to the review of existing operational sites.  We help our customers develop the best organisation, processes, practices and equipment maintenance strategies, in order to deliver a maintenance service that is aligned with their business needs.

We are a specialist consultancy company driving fourth generation maintenance, and developing software solutions to refine maintenance demand through the analysis of machine and system generated data. While we know that the volume of data generated by equipment can easily fall into the realms of ‘Big Data’, we have the knowledge, skill and experience to be able to extract the key information that supports all levels of maintenance decision making, converting ‘Big Data to Useful Information’. 

Our methodology enables maintenance teams to identify and eliminate unnecessary cost and waste from their systems, focusing their efforts on what needs to be done. As part of our service, we look at the delivery of maintenance from a holistic viewpoint, helping our customers deliver world class maintenance practices, by analysing their existing structure and processes and providing the guidance required, as well as delivering the strategic alignment of the maintenance activities to match business requirements.


Strategic maintenance is about the alignment of the maintenance demand with your business needs.  By striking the right balance between maintenance activities and operational requirements, we help our customers achieve the optimal maintenance costs for their environment.  We also understand that business requirements change, therefore the right balance today may not be the right balance tomorrow, and the maintenance plan needs to be flexible to achieve this. We believe our solutions provide this flexibility while still protecting the asset integrity.